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Lucha Party by No Dice INK inc. from Jorden Oliwa on Vimeo.

Digital art school blog entry

One of our 2D instructors in Kelowna,  Jorden Oliwa, was a featured artist at the Arludik Gallery exhibition in Paris, France, since last month until the final day of the gallery show tomorrow, May 5.

The Galerie Arludik – Contemporary Art for Entertainment is “dedicated to artists lying behind cinema, comics, video game masterpieces who create the most significant icons of our time.

Calgary Comic Expo Art Book

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant NInja Turtles

Commissions that jump off the page

The TMNT showed up to represent the Gonzo steez

I draw U…or your wife

I draw cheescake for money

ink and sharpie on bristol board

 Johnny: ‘I draw U’

Man @ CCEE: ‘ ok, how about my wife?’

Johnny:’ I dunno where is she?’

Man @ CCEE: ‘ here’s 2 pictures….’

Johnny: ‘OK! come back in 20 mins’

ink and sharpie on bristol board

TMNT commission

Teenage mutant ninja turtles by Johnny Gonzo

heros in a half shell

an INK and sharpie rendition of our favorite turtles

Arludik Gonzo Postcards

some more images from the Gallery show in Paris

featuring Robert Valley and Johnny Gonzo

massive swerve

The 2002 classic that won absolutely no awards and was accepted to no animation festivals world wide.
Music by Massive Attack


the muterfucking devil bitch

the sinz of a Gonzo Nation boss